BeAngels crosses borders to finance French start-ups

Investing in innovative startups is a major issue for the economy and technological development. BeAngels, a network of Belgian investors, recently decided to join forces with French company Asterion Ventures to support promising young French companies. This collaboration will give BeAngels members access to a wide range of investment opportunities in high-potential, high-impact French startups.

Strategic alliance between BeAngels and Asterion Ventures

Active since the 2000s in Brussels and Wallonia, BeAngels brings together 470 private investors, called business angelswho have already injected almost 70 million euros into some 420 innovative startups over the past two decades. In order to consolidate its position in the venture capital market and broaden its horizons across Europe, BeAngels implemented a geographic expansion strategy three years ago. The collaboration with Asterion Ventures is a major milestone in this process.

Founded in 2021, Asterion Ventures is a French venture capital firm that already has 800 private investors, mainly from the French technology sphere. It stands out for its focus on impact investing and its emphasis on budding entrepreneurs raising their first funds. To date, Asterion has facilitated the financing of 16 French impact startups and aims to support 100 over the next five years.

This alliance will give BeAngels access to a range of highly qualified investment opportunities with French impact startups. In return, Asterion Ventures will ensure that all Belgian and Luxembourg investors go through BeAngels before investing with them. In this way, the two entities share the same objective: to finance the most promising projects. promising projects and aim for a significant impact and positive.

What’s new for French startups and the investment community?

For the French startups backed by Asterion Ventures, the benefits of this partnership with BeAngels are twofold. On the one hand, they benefit from the expertise and network of a leading venture capital player. Secondly, they can benefit from the financial and development support available outside France thanks to BeAngels’ community of investors. This gives them access to the Belgian and Luxembourg markets, which represent interesting opportunities for these young companies in search of growth.

“The start-ups supported by Asterion are ambitious. They aim to reach markets other than France, and are targeting the Belgian and Luxembourg markets in particular.”

Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels

BeAngels’ expansion into France will also enable it to further develop its investor community in neighboring countries. While the company has no current plans to expand into the Netherlands or Germany, it does intend to continue strengthening its presence in Belgium, particularly in Flanders, and in northern France.

The current context for venture capital and business angels

Despite an uncertain economic climate and major challenges such as the war in Ukraine, BeAngels’ activities continue. Although private investors remain cautious, investment files continue to feed BeAngels’ volume of opportunities. In 2022, the network invested 7.6 million euros in 65 startups, and hopes to improve these figures this year. Important note: in 2022, BeAngels invested 7.6 million euros in 65 startups.

This partnership between BeAngels and Asterion Ventures illustrates the growing dynamism of international exchanges and collaborations in the field of startup financing. Young French companies now have access to additional financial support and expertise thanks to this network of Belgian investors committed to promoting innovation and sustainable development.

With this strategic alliance, the 2 Belgian investors open up new prospects for French startups and strengthen ties between venture capital players in Europe. Together, entrepreneurs and investors can contribute to the creation of an innovative and prosperous ecosystem, bringing opportunities and success for all.

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