what the deal with Amazon means for your wallet

When two e-commerce giants join forcesthe shockwaves felt by the financial world are not to be overlooked. The recent alliance between Shopify and Amazon are changing market dynamics and reshaping investor expectations.

This clever partnership unlocks a synergy between the king of e-commerce and the preferred platform for independent entrepreneurs. Shopify brings its dynamic merchantsand Amazon’s unrivalled logistics expertise. This isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a clear signal that these two companies intend to rewrite the codes of online commerce.

A look back at the historic agreement between Shopify and Amazon

The announcement of the agreement between Shopify and Amazon has generated a great deal of interest from investors. This collaboration will enable merchants using the Shopify platform to benefit from Amazon’s “Buy with Prime” product, which extends Amazon’s membership benefits to third-party merchants. This agreement is seen as a win-win situation for both companies.

For Amazon, it represents an opportunity to boost its growing shipping and logistics business. With access to Shopify’s vast merchant base, Amazon will be able to justify the massive investments it has made in this area in recent years. For its part, Shopify frees itself from logistics, considered a low-margin activity and a distraction from its core mission. As a result, shareholders can expect a sharper focus on developing innovative solutions for merchants and consumers..

“Logistics was clearly a worthwhile side quest for us and began to create the conditions for our main quest to succeed.”

Tobi Lütke, Shopify CEO,

The consequences for Shopify shareholders

This agreement between Shopify and Amazon could have a significant impact on Shopify’s shares. Firstly, it strengthens Shopify’s market position.by enabling it to compete with other e-commerce giants. Investors can therefore look forward to sustained sales growth and higher share prices.

Secondly, the deal could improve Shopify’s profitability. By focusing more on its core business and leaving logistics to Amazon, Shopify can reduce costs and increase margins.

Il faut noter que Shopify conservera le contrôle des paiements, un aspect clé de son modèle économique. En traitant les paiements via "Acheter avec Prime", Shopify continuera à générer des revenus et à renforcer son segment des solutions marchandes.

Should you invest in Shopify shares now?

Given the promising prospects offered by the Amazon deal, it may be tempting to invest in Shopify shares right now. That said, there are a few factors to consider before making a decision. Shopify’s high price/sales ratio implies that the company needs to increase its sales considerably over the next few years to justify such an investment.

What’s more, growth in merchandise volume – a key indicator for Shopify – appears to be stagnating. Although the agreement with Amazon may stimulate this growth, it is necessary to keep a close eye on future developments and Shopify’s ability to generate revenue from this partnership. In conclusion, it may be wise to take a cautious approach and wait for Shopify’s management to provide more clarity on its strategy before investing heavily in its shares.

The agreement between Shopify and Amazon represents an important milestone for both companies and could offer interesting opportunities for investors. But the risks and uncertainties associated with this agreement need to be assessed before making any investment decision. We therefore recommend that you keep a close eye on future developments and regularly assess the performance of Shopify shares to determine whether they fit in with your long-term investment strategy.

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